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Can you talk to another human being??? Well, you have interpersonal skills, but that isn't exactly what a selector is going to be looking for.
Interpersonal skills sits with communication skills set but instead of being about how you communicate what you think, there is more of a focus on how you interpret the communication of others and how your react to that communication.

At lower levels you need to communicate ...continue reading

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I've written this post to give you an idea of how the star method is used to respond to selection criteria in job interviews or resumes/cover letters. The examples here are for the most part not long enough and the examples are not suitable for all gradings. I'm planning on writing a post on the actual method for writing a resume that responds to selection criteria and when I do I'll post a link through here.

If you want to know more about the STAR Method...

Colour Key:

S = Blue
T = Orange
A = Green
R = Purple

Examples of STAR Responses

Demonstrated ability to work in a team-based environment

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I'm going to give you an explanation of the STAR Method. The STAR model is the most common method that selection panels expect to receive a selection criteria statement or cover letter. This will not be correct in all cases, so make sure you find out if there is a model that you are expected to follow when writing your submission. ...continue reading